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We provide design solutions for every stage of your business—full brand identities transformed into beautiful retail environments with customer touchpoints to make the dispensary experience engaging, impactful and memorable.

Dispensary Design Services

Full-service retail design

Building an award-winning, best-in-class retail experience doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of well-conceived design concepts that are documented properly and communicated professionally. The process of going from a sketch to a fully constructed  environment requires time, expertise, skill and a capable team of detail-oriented design professionals. From spaceplanning through specification, the High Road team will work to fully develop and document your design under one continuous scope of work. We will carefully select and specify the many materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures, equipment, and signature brand elements that make your design uniquely yours, providing your architects and contractors with the information they need to focus on what they do best.
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Pre-license retail interior design

The application process for your cannabis business license can be difficult, time consuming, and costly. Oftentimes, potential licensees need preliminary interior design drawings, such as space plans or conceptual renderings, to support the application process. High Road’s Pre-License Retail Interior Design Services focus on developing compliant space plans that illustrate the necessary features that your application reviewers are looking for along with compelling design renderings that share the vision of your proposed store. These assets will set you apart from the competition, help you complete a winning submission and prepare you for the next steps once your license is awarded.


The efficient and pragmatic use of your licensed dispensary premises can play a significant role in your retail success. An effective spaceplan will skillfully integrate security regulations and operational procedures with remarkable customer service practices and memorable brand moments, all while conforming to building and safety codes. The High Road team will guide you through a rewarding spaceplanning process, exploring multiple interior layouts and their implications on your retail operations until we identify a plan that maximizes the full potential of your real estate and your brand.

Design conceptualization

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but images of your own future dispensary far can exceed that value. Our Design Conceptualization services bring your dreams for your future retail brand to life using mood boards and artistic full-color renderings of your proposed retail storefront and interior environment. High Road’s conceptual design renderings illustrate your store’s future style, tone, personality, flow, brand moments, fixture concepts and overall experience in stunning images for use in license applications, stakeholder meetings, marketing campaigns, business planning, and more.
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Visual merchandising

Beautifully choreographed visual merchandising is the art of organizing, displaying, featuring, signing and stocking your products in a manner that elicits a positive image of your store, elevates the perceived value of your products, educates customers and maximizes your sales. By focusing on your unique product offering and your brand values, we will help you articulate a visual merchandising strategy and identify and specify all of the props, tools, elements and accessories needed to bring your visual strategy to life. We even provide staff training so you can keep your displays looking organized and professional day in and day out.

In-store vendor display guidelines

As a retailer, strategic relationships with notable brands can help reinforce your status as a premier curator of the industry’s latest and greatest products. The High Road team can help you identify and define valuable in-store opportunities for showcasing brands and exclusive products, allowing you to create an atmosphere of prestige and hype. We will partner with you to define display standards for outside brands that preserve your store’s design integrity while allowing them to stand-out. We offer brand strategy and coordination services to develop a turnkey set of guidelines for vendor partnerships.

Retail experience audit

Your dispensary is open and operating, but does something seem off? Sales patterns, product assortments, design trends, technology, consumer tastes and expectations-- as these things evolve, so too must your brand and store environment. But deciding where and how to update your dispensary is complicated. If you’re experiencing retail challenges but aren’t quite sure how to spend your time and money, consider a Retail Experience Audit. The High Road team will visit your dispensary, conduct a thorough evaluation and provide you with valuable insights to help you determine the best improvements to make.

Brand Identity Services

Brand Identity Development - High Road Design Studio

Brand identity development

In an increasingly competitive industry, just “standing out” is no longer enough. You need to stand for something and tell a story that resonates with your target market. A successful cannabis dispensary is driven by a mission, a purpose—a carefully considered and crafted brand. At High Road, we pride ourselves on handcrafting authentic brands that tell meaningful stories and elicit emotional connections with consumers. Weaving a creative and thoughtful narrative across a complete brand identity system, we provide naming and logo design services that help establish your position in the marketplace while artfully communicating your brand’s mission and vision.

Pre-license brand identity

The application process for your cannabis business license can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Oftentimes, potential licensees need a professional brand identity to support this process. You want to demonstrate your commitment to this business venture and effectively communicate the type of business you are promising to bring to the community. High Road’s Pre-License Brand Identity Services focus on developing a limited set of brand assets for a professional identity. These basic assets will set you apart from the competition, help you complete a winning submission and prepare you for full identity development once your license is awarded.

Packaging & labeling

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Apparel & merchandise

When you have a brand people love, the solution is simple: give the people what they want. Expanding your identity into strategic collateral and branded merchandise not only helps to create a culture and lifestyle around your brand, it provides you with a team of brand ambassadors. These products provide additional lines of revenue for your business while supporting marketing initiatives—happy customers spreading the word about your dispensary. The High Road team offers design and procurement services for apparel, uniforms, merchandise, swag and giveaways to support the organic growth of your retail brand.

Marketing & social media

Creating a unique, eye-catching logo is only the first step to building your brand into one with true staying power. Keeping your identity relevant over time requires a healthy dose of engaging brand campaigns and initiatives. From flyers and print ads for local publications and in-store marketing to well-coordinated and curated social media content, we offer on-going graphic design support to keep your customers connected with your brand. The High Road team knows how to maintain brand consistency while creating the unique attention-getting content that your campaigns require, keeping your audience engaged and excited about what you are up to next.
Marketing & Social media services - cannabis industry