Elevate Retail Dispensary Design by High Road Design Studio


Woodland Hills, CA

When a cannabis dispensary is taking over a storefront on Ventura Boulevard in an upscale neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley, it is essential that the experience be elegant, modern and bold. Exclusive night club meets luxury jewelry store, perhaps? This statement sets the bar for what one can expect when coming to Elevate, a new luxury cannabis store in Woodland Hills, CA.

The essence of the brand comes to life from the street where a glass storefront offers views into the depth of the 1,900-sq.ft. retail suite. The need for a new ADA ramp provided an architectural opportunity to begin the customer journey at the sidewalk. Customers traverse the ramp under the shelter of a canopy towards the entry where interior and exterior lines are blurred by extending the interior wall finish beyond the façade. The white quartz in a stacked stone application reveals a raw edge with plenty of glitz and sparkle, an entry sequence that envelopes customers in the essence of the brand and entices them along their retail journey.

A series of illuminated thresholds punctuate the interior enhancing the depth of the space with a forced perspective that draws sightlines to a dramatic video screen at the back of the showroom. The simple black and white palette is elevated with an interplay of textures and finishes and then punctuated with the signature brand color, turquoise (a few shades away from Tiffany Blue). This color is elegantly infused via a natural material, Amazonite granite—a pure expression of the brand.

This signature stone is introduced at each touchpoint from the hostess stand at the entry to the featured showcase displays in the showroom. In addition to the illuminated thresholds guiding customers through the space, the showroom features private niches that add a sense of exclusivity and subtly direct the customer journey. While the displays present products with a sense of luxury, the fixtures were efficiently designed for long-term flexibility.


Identity Development & Brand Guidelines
Design Conceptualization
Interior Design Documentation
Signature Brand Elements Design & Fabrication
Exterior Storefront Design
Custom Milwork Design & Fabrication
FF&E Specification

Elevate Design Conceptualization by High Road Design Studio
Signature Brand Elements Design & Fabrication by High Road Design Studio

Brand imagery installed in lightboxes overhead offer impactful visuals throughout the space. The black and white photos reinforce the lifestyle and personality of the brand and make relevant connections to the target audience. The retail experience concludes at the POS area which houses four check-out stations. The logo takes center stage in this final brand moment with a dramatic presentation—an illuminated push-through acrylic sign against a black column.

The High Road Design Studio demonstrates how a simple palette and thoughtful details achieve an elegant, modern, bold design that brings the essence of Elevate to life in a unique and luxurious retail experience.

Elevate Spaceplanning & Dispensary Design by High Road Design Studio
Elevate Design Conceptualization by High Road Design Studio
Elevate Retail Dispensary Design by High Road Design Studio
Elevate Dispensary Interior Design by High Road Design Studio
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