The Healing Center

San Diego, CA

The Healing Center San Diego may be small on space, but it is big on quality, class, and professionalism.  A mere 450 square feet, the owners knew they needed to maximize their space for flow, function, and lasting first impressions.  They also needed a logo and brand identity that represented their focus on being the best-in-class dispensary experience in Southern California.

With the goal of becoming “The Rolls Royce of dispensaries,” we developed a brand color palate inspired by the deep purples found in the client’s favorite strain of cannabis.  The rich Royal Purple was paired with greys and whites for an elegant, modern look.  Their logo pays homage to the THC molecule with its angular lines and hexagonal shaping, while remaining sleek and simple.


Identity Development & Brand Guidelines
Design Conceptualization
Interior Design Documentation
Custom Millwork Design
Memorable Iconic Elements

To infuse their space with their newly minted branding, a Royal Purple Suede wall runs the length of the space, blurring the lines between the public lobby and patient-only showroom, creating a sense of flow.  Silver-framed bullet resistant glass partitions—required by local ordinances—separate functional areas but keep the space feeling open and visually accessible.  Flexible merchandising fixtures utilize the vertical space for product displays and provide a more comfortable shopping experience.  Photography of the client’s own products—photographed by one of their own staff members—is featured like fine art throughout the space.