Trulieve Dispensary Design by High Road Design Studio


Tallahassee, FL

Strategic Pillars:

Develop a personalized experience that evokes the natural, nurturing characteristics of cannabis to reconnect patients with their health and wellness through healing, plant-based therapy.

Create engaging moments which foster a greater understanding of the plant– and the scientific processes that produce the medicine– to alleviate concerns and portray cannabis in the role of the healer.  

Provide a venue that reintroduces cannabis to patients as a multifaceted plant, a legitimate medicine with roots in ancient pharmacology, and a new integral part of Florida’s flora and fauna.

Overarching Goal:
Create an environment where patients and the community are immersed in an experience– both visually and verbally– that revolutionizes their perceptions of cannabis through personal connection, expert education, and natural integration.


Design Conceptualization
Interior Design Documentation
Custom Milwork Design
Memorable Iconic Elements & Kit-of-Parts Implementation
FF&E Specification
Visual Merchandising
Interior Brand Standards & Options Package

Trulieve Dispensary Interior Design by High Road Design Studio
Trulieve Dispensary Visual Merchandising by High Road Design Studio

Design Elements:

Excellence in Consistency
Implement a design that provides for a consistent, replicable, and scalable brand experience and sets the standard for the medical cannabis industry in Florida.

An Essence of Intrigue
Project elegance and approachability through an engaging design that balances the scientific background with the innate beauty of the plant to broaden its appeal and acceptance.

Big, Bold, and Beautiful
Develop a color scheme based on the vibrant colors from various marijuana strains that connects the natural allure of the cannabis flower with the bright, tropical climate of Florida.

Trulieve Dispensary Design by High Road Design Studio
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