TruMed Concentrate Bar: A Bespoke Showcase of Premium Cannabis Products

August 20, 2015

TruMed Dispensary in Phoenix, AZ has a reputation for quality that permeates their brand.


When they launched their in-house line of premium concentrates in August 2014, their retail showroom didn’t have a merchandising and display space that met the needs of this lucrative and increasingly popular line of products. What their showroom did have was a lounge area that looked nice, but wasn’t generating any revenue, nor was it being utilized by their patients.

The High Road Design Studio partnered with Tru|Med to create the first-of-its-kind retail space dedicated to displaying and selling premium concentrates. The goal was to make the underutilized lounge area into a stunning, high-end experience that mirrored the exceptional quality of the products being sold and increased their revenues. Using Tru|Med’s clean, modern, design aesthetic as a starting point, The High Road Design Studio created a jaw-dropping product showcase and feature wall that makes patients stop, ask, browse, and buy.


Designed from scratch and integrating knowledge acquired through hands-on cannabis retailing experience, The High Road Design Studio designed specific features to make storing, displaying, and selling the product as efficient and patient-focused as possible.

Inspired by design trends of boutique bakeries and cupcake shops, the concentrate bar features LED-lit glass displays at counter-level. Silestone countertops in the perfect shade of Tru|Med orange were custom fabricated with waterfall detailing.

The feature wall behind the counter plays off of the custom wood feature wall in Tru|Med’s lobby, and includes over 1,000 pieces of wood staggered at varying depths.

Finished in a gloss white, the wall creates movement, texture, and a contrasting background for the 16” tall custom metal back-lit logo that rests in front of it. A WAC Genesis light fixture– inspired by the trichomes that concentrate products are derived from– hangs over the bar, providing the finishing touch to this bespoke retail area.

The concentrate bar stylishly showcases an expanded line of concentrate accessories and tools that customers can easily browse as well. Tru|Med’s ability to offer a full range of cannabis products and accessories provides the highest level of customer service. Instead of customers having to visit multiple stores, Tru|Med succeeds as a full service retailer by providing solutions for a variety of patient needs in one environment. In less than two weeks following its completion, Tru|Med recouped on their investment in the specialized concentrates bar. While total sales continue to increase per month, concentrate sales have grown three times faster since their introduction.

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