Welcome to the Team, Benjamin!

August 22, 2017

The High Road Design Studio Hires Brand Strategist

Award-Winning Dispensary Design Studio Now Offers Clients Branding and Marketing Services

TEMPE, ARIZ. -(August XX, 2017)- An award-winning cannabis retail design company, The High Road Design Studio, has expanded its team and services to now provide full-service strategy, branding, marketing and interior design to clients throughout the U.S. Marketing and brand strategist Benjamin Schutte is the newest employee of The High Road Design Studio, bringing nationally recognized brand development experience to The High Road Design Studio and its clientele. The company’s growth further elevates the cannabis industry, expanding its services to a wider range of cannabis entrepreneurs. 

Benjamin has 9 years of design experience and has worked with several national and international retail brands such as Reebok, Samsung, CVS, Electrolux and Aramark. His work has made major contributions to high-profile design projects, resulting in great success for his clients and their customers. Benjamin is a passionate advocate for the cannabis and design industries, and strives to use strategic and professional design to bring awareness and legitimacy to the cannabis industry. Joining the founder and owner of The High Road Design Studio, Megan Stone, the company’s mission is to change the way consumers perceive, interact, and experience cannabis. Benjamin’s strong design and marketing abilities will further allow him to make the cannabis buying experience unique and accessible to consumers and business owners as the newest addition to The High Road Design Studio’s team. 

In partnership with the High Road Design Studio, Benjamin was responsible for the brand identity of the nationally recognized and award-winning dispensary, Level Up. He has also developed brand strategy and identities for the Gnome Grown and Trulieve dispensaries. Now a full-time employee of The High Road Design Studio, he continue to create tailored brand identity systems and marketing strategies for each client, based on their unique vision, to help bring the brand to life and create long term success for each client. Benjamin will also provide hands-on support in bring the brand to life, expanding the High Road’s services to packaging design, merchandising, social media and marketing strategy. With this new branch of the business, the High Road Design Studio now offers end-to-end design and strategy services– growing the client partnerships with retail dispensary owners as well as cultivators and producers of a wide range of cannabis products.

In the years I’ve known Megan, I’ve never met another as driven and passionate as she is, and I’m thrilled to be joining such a talented designer. I’m humbled to be working along side someone that has achieved the level of acclaim and prestige she has— and am excited to continue creating some of the dopest cannabis brands in the industry.

To learn more about The High Road Design Studio, please visit www.highroadstudio.com  or call 480-760-1825.



Based in Tempe, Arizona, The High Road Design Studio’s mission is focused on reinventing the cannabis experience and redefining what it means to be a cannabis user. Since 2013, The High Road Design Studio has been the go-to source for design thinking and strategy in the cannabis retail industry. Led by award-winning designer Megan Stone, The High Road has worked with cannabis-focused businesses in 13 states to design unique and profitable retail stores and brands. For more information about The High Road Design Studio, please visit www.highroadstudio.com.